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Here at Coreskills Transformational Academy, we are catalysts toward your professional excellence.

At Coreskills Transformational Academy, we help individuals & organizations to achieve their peak levels of professional excellence, through our innovative solutions & products.

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Why We Exist

To maximize time, resources, and effort for our clients, enabling them to achieve excellence, overcome challenges, and create lasting impact without having to reinvent the wheel or learn from their own mistakes.

Our Vision

  • To be the leading catalyst for positive transformation in Africa, unlocking human potential and driving sustainable growth for individuals, organizations, and communities.

Our Mission

  • To empower individuals and organizations through transformative education, innovative solutions, and strategic partnerships, for catalyzing positive change and excellence across Africa.

Our Core Values (EDLIP)

  • 1) Excellence: We embody consistent improvement as a way of life, striving for the highest standards in everything we do.
  • 2) Discipline: We execute tasks with diligence and focus, meeting commitments without excuses, and maintaining accountability.
  • 3) Love: We value and respect every individual, fostering a culture of empathy, inclusivity, and collaboration.
  • 4) Integrity: We uphold honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct, honoring our commitments and staying true to our word.
  • 5) Professionalism: We deliver world-class experiences, professionalism, and expertise in all interactions, ensuring exceptional quality and value for our stakeholders.
Our Differentiation Strategy

Our differentiation lies in our futuristic thinking, simplicity in approach, creation of innovative educational services and products, and our commitment to solving educational challenges in Africa through personalized, holistic solutions.

value proposition
  1. Tailoring learning experiences and solutions to meet unique needs and goals.
    Emphasising practical application, hands-on learning, and real-world impact.
  2. Building strategic partnerships and collaborations for comprehensive support and success.
    We maintain the highest standards of excellence, integrity, and professionalism in all endeavors.
  3. This core ideology encapsulates CoreSkills Transformational Academy’s purpose, values, vision, and differentiation, guiding its actions, decisions, and relationships as it continues to drive positive transformation and empower individuals and organizations across Africa.

Explore Our Innovative Solutions & Services

Training, Mentoring & Coaching

We offer unique training, mentoring & coaching programs.

Leadership Development Programs

We offer unique leadership development programs and courses.

Education Consultancy

We offer education consultancy services to educators & schools.

Educational Program Facilitation

We help to facilitate educational programs for both educators and schools.

Our Achievements So Far

Our Awards

We have won several awards within and outside Nigeria for our contribution to the educational and developmental industry.

As an organization and in collaboration with others, some of the awards we have received so far are listed below:

Awards to the CEO

  • Icon of Leadership and Education Excellence (December, 2023)
  • Star Award of Excellence Recognition  (December, 2023)
  • The 50 most Inspirational Teachers Award, Learn as I teach Foundation   (October 2023)
  • Influencer Facilitator Award Beyond Success Equip Nigeria (January & September 2023)
  • Regional Contribution Business Award (Super Achiever Foundation June 2023)
  • Africa Award for Excellence (International Internship University, India September 2022)
  • Icon of Mentorship (Chartered Institute of Corporate Mentoring and Coaching Nigeria November 2020)
  • Selfless Dedication Award to Continuous Professional Development of Nigerian Teachers (Learn as I teach Foundation 2018)
  • Positive contribution to the growth and development of Education across the globe(Emerald Edu concept and services, October 2022)
  • Special Recognition Award Teacher’s Day Award(Emerald Edu concept and services, October 2022)
  • Education Transformation Award (Education Sustainability and Vocational Development Initiative, October 2022)
  • Africa Award for Excellence (International Internship University, India September 2022)
  • Education Influencer, Role Model, and Mentor of the Year (Crystal Edge Professional Services November 2021)
  • Appreciation Award, Flourish Gate Consult,  2021
  • Packway Polishing Academy award, the impact made in Packway branding conference, 2018

Coreskills Awards

  • Best Business Brand of the year
  • (The Iconic Brand Award November 2019)
  • Innovative Educators Award
  • (Pro-Grade Institute of Leadership and Management August 2019)
  • Education Collaboration of the year Award (Arc Lights Foundation Education Award 2017)


Students Worked With
Educators Mentored
Participants Trained
Schools Consulted For

Since our inception in 2012, we have had a solid impact count!

Our Partnerships, Accreditations, & Clientele

Our Partnerships

We work with a number of international organizations, including Sustainable Education Enterprise Development “Teach a Man to Fish” (United Kingdom), Inspirational Teacher’s Online School (United Kingdom), and One Million Teachers’ Project (Canada).

We are also official uLesson brand ambassadors in Nigeria.

To access the uLesson video lessons (Annual subscription) and purchase the uLesson Device, please reach out to us by following the link here.

Our Accreditations & Trainings

In 2019 we were licensed to become the regional coordinator of the Chartered Institute of Career Coaching and Mentoring in Nigeria.

Over the years we have also organized and participated in over eighty (80) bespoke training programs (Live and virtual courses).

Our Amazing Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it! Here are amazing testimonials from our awesome people who have gone through our training programs and courses.

Our Awesome Clientele

We have worked and are still working with a number of awesome clients, some of which include the following listed below.

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We see the future!

We see ourselves having clients all over the world, with specific focus on Africa leveraging on technology to bring solutions to our world through teaching, training, mentoring and leadership development.