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🤔Sometimes in June 2018, I was scrolling through LinkedIn and I stumbled on a post. I was glued to the excellence of the write up as well as the visuals.

✌️I quickly signed up for the executive leadership training being advertised.
It was at that moment, that it dawn on me that leadership was one of my core strengths.

💯The following year, I signed up for the one year mentoring program with Jamie, and learnt a lot from him. I discovered that my destiny was attached to his, as he usually calls me from time to time to check about my next move.

❤️@jamie Pajoel is one of God’s gracious gifts to me, he is always a step ahead of every strategic move I intend to make. I am so blessed to have him as my mentor in the last five years. On Wednesday, I enjoyed a three course meal in a lovely restaurant all sponsored by him to mark my 40th birthday celebration. Please help me celebrate him via the comment section

👌I have been able to pick up some life lessons from my five years mentoring relationship with Jamie.
Here are some highlights I have for you;

👉 Have a life vision
👉Develop your personal values
👉The best gift you can give to your mentor is to bear fruits and get better every time they get to hear about you
👉Add value to your mentor, don’t ever think you don’t have anything to give or offer.
👉Be willing to invest time, money and energy for the next level you desire. (“Leave the always free gang”) 😜
👉Remain humble and open minded

If you are a mentor reading this post, ensure you never out grow mentorship, it is critical to your inspiration as a leader.

🎯In the other news, I can wait to share things I learnt at the executive leadership master class at JPI at the free meet and greet program come January 7th, 2023! Attendance is free but registration is compulsory.
Click on the link below for registration.




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